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Polaria is a Finnish company that still proudly manufactures its bathroom furnishings and supports in the scenic town of Mäntyharju. For over 50 years, we have designed and created all types of durable bathroom products, from mirror and wash basin cabinets to various types of support devices right here in our factory in Mäntyharju.

We invest on and promote Finnish work and we are proud to manufacture all our products in Finland. Our passion are recyclable and sustainable products with smart design. 

10 years warranty

Our products are made for living. Polaria’s durable metal bathroom furnishings are de - signed to last from generation to generation. That’s why all our products come with a 10- year warranty – we believe in the quality of what we create.

Accessible and aesthetical

We believe that an accessible bathroom should still be suitable for everyone. It’s our mission to ensure that your home is a safe and secure place. You can easily enhance the safety and accessibility of your bathroom with support rails, shower seats, rail-equipped wash basins and various other support devices. Making your home more accessible should never require you to compromise your style or taste.

Grey is the new white!

Our stylish anthracite grey bathroom furnishings provide a touch of urban flair to any bathroom. Grey furnishings make for a great addition in any situation: add some contrast to a lighter bathroom, or make your colour story really pop in a darker space. And remember, your bathroom towels and other accessories will help complete your desired look. Loota’s open shelves fit any look and provide a fantastic place for displaying your nicest items and ornaments.

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