Made for life


Polaria is a Finnish company that still proudly manufactures its bathroom furnishings and supports in the scenic town of Mäntyharju. For over 50 years, we have designed and created all types of durable bathroom products, from mirror and wash basin cabinets to various types of support devices right here in our factory in Finland. Established 1970 we are the leading manufacturer of bathroom cabinets on the Finnish market. 

Our products are made for living. Polaria’s durable metal bathroom furnishings are designed to last from generation to generation. That’s why all our products come with a 10-year warranty – we believe in the quality of what we create

The specialty of the product structure is the material. Polaria products are made of powder-painted steel with nanoceramic finishing and therefore have excellent moisture resistance. Our mission is to provide our customers with practical and durable bathroom solutions that suit every walk of life.



We have chosen steel as the main material in Polaria-products. Polaria’s durable metal bathroom furnishings are designed to last for decades and after that they can be recycled 100 %. The steel that enters our factory is customised to answer our needs, which means that the amount of spillage is minimal. 

We invest on recycling in our factory and the packaging material that we use, is completely without plastic. We use only renewable energy in our factory. 


Polaria 50 years


In 2020, Polaria celebrates its 50th anniversary. In honor of past decades, we wanted to give a gift to our hometown of Mäntyharju: during the year, a wetland will be restored to the Huovila farm in Mäntyharju. In cooperation with the Finnish Wildlife Agency, we searched and found a suitable wetland site for restoration. The work is carried out by local cooperation partners.

Wetlands are indicators of biodiversity, and by restoring local nature, we want to take responsibility for our own habitat. We challenge all companies involved to carry out restoration work in their local living environment.The impact of our cooperation would be nationally significant.

On the 20th of February 2020 we celebrated our anniversary together with our employees, most important partners and stakeholders. We are looking forward to the next fifty years!